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Rachel Green Best Comebacks

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"So, you want to be a teacher, but you’re scared to talk in class…? Just. How."

DON’T JUDGE ME. Speaking in class or being called on in the middle of a discussion is NOT the same thing as teaching. It’s not even close. Just leave me aloneeeeee. 



"This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse." [x]

i love that west is like NO IT’S TOO COLD and maison is just like “here daddy let me wash you”


how to get a thigh gap

  1. put a guys head between your legs
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This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 

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Kit Harington’s smile appreciation gifset.

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  • Lady on the bus next to me: Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?
  • Little boy: I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.
  • Lady: And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?
  • Boy: It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I'm acting like a Sith.
  • Lady: Do you want to be a Sith?
  • Boy: No! I am Obi-Wan!
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tall people: if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. i cant keep up with you. please think of my tiny legs i dont want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS

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How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food - A MEM Parody



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Sometimes you just need a little bun to help cheer you up.

am I the only one who really likes it when ur holding someone’s hand and they just rub their thumb across yours

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Popular HP text posts- part 2 (click for HQ) (part 1

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Rocky Horror Picture Show modern day fancast


How to have sex: First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times. One, two three. Then pelvic thrust. Whooooooo, whooooooo. Stop on your right foot, don’t forget it! Now it’s time to bring it around town. Bring-it-a-round-town. Then you do this, then this, and this, then this, then that, then this and that, and then…

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